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Channeling our inner Marilyn Monroe spirit, our Akira wedding dress was designed for the ultra-modern, couture bride. Truly a beautiful and sophisticated wedding dress that embodies strength and sensuality for the empowered woman. Our silk mikado fabric provides a unique, structured look that gently contours your body accentuating your curves. The lines are clean, classy and chic, she’s is a real showstopper!
Our Akira gown is a statement dress, iconic in design and definitely not like everyone else’s wedding dress.
The strapless neckline with structured bodice and collar is to die for, immaculately constructed and epitomising bridal couture. The back of the gown is fresh and exciting adorned with the prettiest and whimsical origami bow that adds an element of drama.
In Japanese, Akira means bright or intelligent and in Hindi it means graceful strength, a beautiful name for your perfect wedding gown.