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As much a fantasy as she is a reality, our Aleksandra gown is inspired by the decadence of the Russian court; a place where the elite ladies were said not to walk, but to glide over the polished floors on a breath of air. Lovingly composed in layers silk gazaar, the gown is delightfully weightless despite the scale of her silhouette. It is supported within by a set of whimsical boned panniers, which lift and display the skirts when walking, but can be easily collapsed when seated. A delicate scatter of embroidery completes the bodice; sparkling glass beads entwined with alpine poppies in white tulle. Blending the poise of a ballerina, the majesty of a queen and the ingenuity of modern couture, Aleksandra is a happily-ever-after for our time.

Client Shehzarin Batha Couture