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Drawing inspiration from the simple beauty of the botanical world, the Luna gown is a minimalist take on the fascinating sculpture of flowers. The bodice, with a deep V neckline and origami-like pleats extending diagonally from the waist, mimics the opening of an orchid; while the tastefully-proportioned cutouts at the waist carry the rounded motif of a gardenia petal. All of this culminates in the blooming volume of the A-line skirt, in a weightless and softly-textured silk mikado. The entire effect is bound together with a narrow silk belt, further slimming the waist and ending in a simple, dainty bow. This dress, despite its grand silhouette and soft-sculpture technique, still maintains an air of simplicity and freshness that so befits its floral inspiration. Luna is a garden of possibility

Client Shehzarin Batha Couture