The step-by-step guide to planning your dream wedding!

When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.

So, there’s a ring on your finger, and you’re engaged to the love of your life….now what?  Well, it’s time to plan a wedding! The team at Shehzarin Batha Couture have put together a step-by step guide to planning your dream wedding!

Delve into dreams

One of the happiest times of your life begins now. Don’t let the stress of organising it ruin something so beautiful. This is the perfect time to sit down with your fiancé and talk about all your dreams, wishes and ideas. Think about the style that you like, is it a destination wedding  with a beach theme or is it a sit-down dinner in a ballroom? Don’t get into money talk just yet, there will be plenty of time for that. For now, use this moment to enjoy your very own fairy tale and to get an idea of where you both want to take this.

Crunch some numbers

We had to get there eventually, but we promise we have made is as pain free as possible. Start with the guest list as this will determine the cost of your entire wedding. Once you have an idea of the number of guests you are able to set a budget. It is important to set a budget at the beginning as that will help you avoid disappointment and over-spending. Having a tighter budget doesn’t have to make it a disadvantage, it simply means you need to get creative which sometimes leaves you with a much more memorable result.

Get Organised

This is the time to buy that perfect wedding planning organiser you’ve had your eye on your entire adult life. There a lot of things to consider so it’s really important for your sanity to stay organised! Start a guest list, choose your wedding party and start researching your venues around the date you want your special day to take place. It’s a good idea to keep tabs on all the different components that will make up your day. This includes photographers, florists, caterers, bands, transportation, the celebrant, the list goes on! There’s no need to stress thouhg, we have attached a checklist for you below. Some you will decide quickly on and others will drive you crazy, but keep your cool because in reality your options are endless.

Don’t forget the fun

The most important part for you, your one in a million wedding gown! Have some fun, gather your girlfriends and start the hunt. At this point you probably have enough pinterest boards and magazine tear outs to give you an idea of the style you prefer. However, if there’s one thing we know it’s that sometimes the gown you least expected, steals your heart. We can help you make a day of it. Champagne, your best girlfriends and an array of Shehzarin Batha Couture gowns, it doesn’t get better than that. Don’t let the options stress you out, in reality, if you feel like you may have found the gown for you, you probably have. Keep in mind that from the moment you chose your gown, the process of making it right for you can last a few months, so give yourself plenty of time to go through it.

Make the dream a reality

This is when your fairy tale starts to come to life. Send our your invites, book in some appointments with your narrowed down choices and enjoy the process.  This is one of the only times you get to do something so grandiose. Something that revolves completely around you and your fiancé. Don’t get too hung up on trying to please everyone else. After all, it is a day other’s will quickly get over but one you will never forget.  The team at Shehzarin Batha Couture have created a wedding planning checklist for you to download for free below and print out. It will help you keep track of your to-do’s and more importantly it will remind you to enjoy the process.

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